Kate’s Birthday July 23 in Berkeley

Happy Summer everybody!

Most of you are either enjoying the heat or beating the heat…but not me. I’m bundled up trying to stay warm and cozy amidst the fog here on the San Francisco Coastside. Temperatures are in the 50s/60s foggy and windy and chilly! So I’m extra excited for these July gigs that are nearby and in the sunny warm weather, only 30 minutes away. Ahh, the beauty and the curse of the Bay Area microclimates. It’s amazing how different the weather can be, only a couple miles away from the ocean.

July is a special month for me…it’s the month I was born 🙂 I’m usually not big on making a to-do about my birthday but I realized I have’t played a show on my birthday since the Blue Lamp in Sacramento in 2008. I believe it was that year and it was a really fun one with “the one night band” – So when my friend and fellow songstress, Maggie Forti, asked me to play an intimate theater show on Saturday July 23rd, I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to play on my birthday. Then I thought, what better way to celebrate my birthday than with good friends and good music in a beautiful intimate theater in Berkeley. She Asked, I Said Yes! And I just remembered I spent my birthday last year in Berkeley too. I went to the Willie Nelson concert at the Greek Theatre. So this year, I’m sticking to the theme of a musical birthday celebration…this time, I’ll be singing my own songs, and singing on Maggie’s tunes during a songwriters-in-the-round show at The Monkey House Theater. We also have my fellow bandmate, Jeff Miller joining us on his fantastic guitar, also singing a few of his own original tunes, as well as drummer Dale Fanning accompanying us on percussion. We’ll be swapping songs and sharing stories and having a grand ole time. The Monkey House is an intimate listening room with great acoustics and I am so excited to spend my birthday making music with my friends! Come join us for a special evening…Sacramento folks, you don’t even have to cross the bridge, so come on over!

We are also playing a few other gigs this month too…KGB Trio, with Jeff Miller, David Russ and myself, is back at the Spicy Vines Tasting Room in Healdsburg tomorrow, July 16th. Plus Jeff Miller and I will return to the Terrapin Crossroads bar, playing as a duo for a Sunday 4:20 happy hour show on July 24th.

I am so happy to be in this world playing music with my friends!

CD Orders! Nothing new yet, but…

I am working on getting a new pressing of “The Coachman” album in the next month. “The New Then” is also out of print, so I will be getting those pressed, as well. If you or anyone you know would like to reserve a copy, please reply with your name and email and we’ll let you know as soon as they are ready. I hope to have them for sale at shows as soon as possible. Sorry I’ve run out and need more stat…do people still want CDs or are you more into digital downloads these days? You can purchase digital downloads at CDBaby and ITunes if that’s your preference. “The Coachman” can be found at www.cdbaby.com/kategaffney3 and “The New Then” at www.cdbaby.com/kategaffney2

Stay tuned for more KGB shows and Just Kate shows and everything in between…We are getting more tunes and gigs together in the coming months and I can’t wait to let you know where else we’ll be playing!

Thanks for supporting live music and for keeping in touch, even if you’re far away. If you want to see some smiling happy people making music and dancing the night away, check out the gallery page on www.kategaffney.com/#gallery for some fun pictures from our last couple of shows! Thanks Anne Cutler for capturing the moments in photos!

Keep an eye on the website for calendar updates. Find us on Facebook too!

That’s all for now, folks…I hope you enjoy your warm summer weather and please send me a ray of sunshine every once in a while!

Hope to see you soon!